R/A Podcasts Are a Huge Success & Now on Spotify!

By | April 8, 2019

As we post the 50th episode of The Time Faller Show this morning, we also are excited to announce that both of our podcasts, Tim’s and PowerTIps Unscripted, are now available on Spotify.  

After launching in January of 2018, Remodelers Advantage podcasts have received great reviews and more than 70,000 downloads, collectively.  

On Mondays, Co-hosts Tim Faller and Steve Wheeler present The Tim Faller Show… a podcast focused on the production side of the business.
Website: https://thetimfallershow.com
iTunes: http://tiny.cc/TFS-home
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4GdzInRMRx7lh9ukJH2D7w
Stitcher: http://tiny.cc/stitcher-TFSw
Google Play: http://tiny.cc/google-TFS

On Wednesdays, R/A President Victoria Downing and Mark Harari co-host PowerTips Unscripted, a weekly podcast featuring interviews with some of the remodeling industry’s best and brightest.   
Website: https://powertipspodcast.com/
iTunes: http://tiny.cc/PTU-Home
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/27g8ffQhXYZElt9SyiPg2m
Stitcher: http://tiny.cc/stitcher-PTU
Google Play: http://tiny.cc/google-PTU

Check them out and let us make sure to leave a review! We love great feedback on our efforts.

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