Remodelers Advantage Launches Masterclass Series for Hands-on Instruction

By | March 9, 2018

First class on LEAN Process Improvement coming up in April.

In an effort to work more closely with remodeling business owners on various aspects of running their business, Remodelers Advantage has launched a Masterclass series of events, to be held at their main office in Maryland.

These Masterclass programs will be capped at 15 individuals to enable instructors to work more closely with each attendee. “We’ve had so many members and prospective members asking for this type of training for years,” said R/A President, Victoria Downing. “We can now focus our attention on offering this type of resource for any company interested in taking these types of courses.”

This Masterclass series will be led by Director of Consulting, Doug Howard, who joined Remodelers Advantage in November of 2017. “As I worked with business owners, whether as a consultant or Roundtables facilitator, it became clear that there are certain aspects of running their businesses that many could use help with,” said Howard.

The first class, being held in April, will focus on LEAN Process Improvement, specifically for remodeling business owners. “We’ve got a great 2-day program for LEAN that will significantly improve processes within an attendee’s business, and we will really dive in to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of how it works.” Said Howard.

If you have questions about this Masterclass series you can contact Doug Howard at 240-581-8584 or

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