It’s Pre-Roundtables-Meeting Prep Time!

By | February 2, 2018

It’s that time again! Your favorite time of the year! It’s Pre-Meeting Preparation Time and this includes submitting your Company Focus Data!

The deadline for submitting information to the Company Focus Form is February 23rd. This is the information we need to create the Composite Reports and “All-Community” comparisons. You can upload additional documents up until two weeks prior to your meeting. Of course, we urge you to get your materials in early as those who submit first, have the attention of the group first, a time when everyone’s fresh and energetic!

And, the LeaderBoard is back! Look for that special icon on your dashboard which tracks which group has the largest percentage of Company Focus Packets submitted! Here, you can track your group’s progress and go for the big win! Yes, the first group to have every member submit their information will win a special prize!!

On your Dashboard, you can also see which of your fellow members have submitted to date, giving you an opportunity to goose those slowpoke members to get on the stick!

(The winning group must have Comapny Focus Data submitted for all members by the deadline of End of Day, February 23 to qualify!)

While you’re on that Roundtables Dashboard, please register for your meeting so we can provide the hotels with the right numbers and finalize our planning.

Lastly, make your hotel reservations. You’ll find this information when you click on Events – Meeting Details and scroll to the bottom of the page. Remember, that while you may be able to find sleeping rooms outside of our block, we negotiate for all parts of the meeting as a bundle so booking your room through the directions we provide will be more economical in the long run. Thanks!

It’s going to be a fantastic Spring Meeting Season!