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Summit 2018: Setting Your Group’s Meeting Dates

Remodeling Excellence Week (REX Week) will happening from Monday, September 24th to Friday, September 29th. During this jam-packed week, your Roundtables Group will be meeting. Just like in the past several years, your group will meet either Monday, September 24 through the Summit which ends early Thursday morning — OR your group will arrive Tuesday, September… Read More »

Remodelers Advantage Welcomes New Team Member: Lindsey Faller!

Hello everyone! My name is Lindsey Faller, and I’m the new Membership Coordinator at Remodelers Advantage. My last name probably looks familiar—I’m Tim Faller’s favorite daughter. Some of you may have already met me when I went on trips around the country with him! After hearing on and off about Remodelers Advantage for the last… Read More »

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Krypton Roundtables Group Wins the Leaderboard Challenge!

A full three days before the deadline, every member of the dynamic Krypton Group has won the Leaderboard challenge! Every single member had submitted their Company Focus Data by Tuesday, February 20th! The Titan Group won the Silver with Endeavour on the podium with Bronze!  Great job, Groups!  (Yes, borrowing from the Olympics!) Today, February… Read More »

The Power of the Marketing Pros Roundtables Groups!

Two groups of marketing pros have been meeting regularly to share strategies and tactics with sophisticated peers. This unique community of industry lead gen experts are taking their performance to the next level along with all of the many members of Roundtables. Now, in a rare occasion, there is an opening in each of the… Read More »

New Item in University Library!

Do you use QuickBooks, but have outsourced Payroll?  Does it seem impossible to get all the data into job costs?  Judith Miller, our QuickBooks Guru has written a White Paper to help you in this situation. Sign into the University and go to Downloads and put Outsourced Payroll in the Search Box.

Rookie of the Year Award!

Kenny Boyd, new member of the Zelante Roundtables Group, got a great shout out from peer, John Daly, president of Revision, LLC! This is what we like to hear! John said, “I have to give a shout out to the new member to our group, Kenny at Lewis Builders.  Yesterday we had a Microboard call… Read More »

Hear from the newest RA Team Member!

Doug Howard, our new Director of Consulting Services, is making quite an impact on our Remodelers Advantage Community. One member, also investing in consulting with Doug, says that she’s “thrilled with the work they’ve done together!” Get a taste of the skills and expertise that Doug brings to the table in the latest episode of… Read More »

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Company Focus Leaderboard Update: Krypton in the Lead!

With two weeks to go, Krypton is in the lead with 45% of their group’s information submitted! Check out the LeaderBoard here! Congrats, Krypton! If you’re in another group, you still have a chance to win! Simply submit your Company Focus Data and help your group drive to the winner’s circle!

Market Update from a Financial Pro

You all know that we believe every one of our members needs a personal financial plan. After all, it’s hard to deliver when we don’t have a target! Well, Victoria works with a financial planner who is outstanding. In fact, we’ve moved all of the RA Retirement plans to this company. Sacha Millstone, Senior Vice… Read More »

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It’s Pre-Roundtables-Meeting Prep Time!

It’s that time again! Your favorite time of the year! It’s Pre-Meeting Preparation Time and this includes submitting your Company Focus Data! The deadline for submitting information to the Company Focus Form is February 23rd. This is the information we need to create the Composite Reports and “All-Community” comparisons. You can upload additional documents up… Read More »