[webinar] Great Production Meetings with Tim Faller

By | September 7, 2017

Next week’s  From the Business Leaders is Thursday, Sept 14, 2017, with Tim Faller of Remodelers Advantage

 Great Production Meetings

5 Factors for Success


Join Tim Faller, Production Guru and Senior Consultant for Remodelers Advantage as he shares what he has learned about Production Meetings and how to take them from “Waste of time” to “Very Important to My Week”.

For the last 17 years, Tim Faller has worked full-time with companies to help them improve profits by creating smooth, efficient production systems. He has seen countless companies and talked with hundreds of employees. Through these interviews and his work with the Remodelers Advantage Production Manager Roundtables, he has focused his energy on the best strategies for managing people within a remodeling company.

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