Exciting Company Focus Packet Updates!

By | March 13, 2017

Happy Friday Roundtables members!

When you submit your company focus form and additional documents we work diligently behind the scenes to compile your group packet and send it back to you. Currently, we aren’t posting anything until all packets are in and everyone has confirmed the accuracy of their packets. Depending on when we get them all back – which believe it or not is not always the due date (crazy, I know) – is how fast we can get the packet over to you for review before your meeting.

Sometimes getting them all in, approved after compiled, and put together into one packet for the group leaves little time for review. So we decided to shake things up a bit to allow you more time to study and understand everyone’s information before your meeting.

The new process:

When you submit your form and additional documents, we will compile them into a zip file and upload the unformatted files to your dashboard for immediate group access. Then we will combine your files into one packet and send it back to you. We will give you 48 hours (2 business days) to review that your submission is accurate and not missing any documents. After the review period, we will post each individual company’s PDF company focus packet onto the group dashboard.

The files & order for focus time:

A sample file name may look like 1 – Remodelers Advantage Company Spring 2017 Additional Documents. The number at the front (1 in this case) represents the order in which we have received the member’s company focus data input form and ultimately the order for the company focus time.

Our new procedure for the company focus packets will allow members to see their group member’s packets in real time and review them before we have the compiled packet. That way, if we’re only waiting on one missing document, you’re able to have plenty of time to review most of the information.


For any questions or concerns, email ashleigh@remodelersadvantage.com.