[webinar] Is There a Cost of Having (or NOT Having) an HR Program?

By | November 30, 2016

Our next edition of From the Business Leaders is next week – December 8th, with Tim Shaffer of HRI – Human Resources, Inc.

Is there a Cost of Having (or NOT Having)
an HR Program?


Sometimes the only thing worse than having an HR Program is not having one. If you are eliminating portions of HR, as a business owner, you need to consider the financial and strategic risk. During this webinar, we will explore the cost of having an HR Program as well as the cost of not having an HR program and how that may affect you and your workforce.

Tim Schaffer’s favorite part of the job is the time he gets to spend with clients. It lets him see things through their lens. With their vision in mind, Tim gets to create a puzzle that he brings to the subject matter experts at HRi. They can all solve the puzzle by creating and implementing solutions that make their clients better.

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