Becoming a Great Sales Manager! Interested in Training?

By | November 29, 2016

Recently, we’ve been approached by several individual members who want help becoming effective Sales Managers for their company’s sales team. They understand that the skills needed to perform in this role are unique and challenging — not something that one becomes good at on their own. Because of this interest, we talked to our Sales Guru, Chip Doyle, the experienced, excellent Sales Trainer who runs our SalesEdge program, about the possibility of creating a similar group for Sales Managers or those who are soon moving to the Sales Management position. He is excited about the possibility and knows that he can deliver huge value as he helps hone the skills that Sales Managers need.

To effectively run small group training for Sales Managers, we need at least six participants. The program will use the telephone and possibly screen shares for the training and the sessions will be bi-weekly or monthly. We’ll iron out the details if there is enough interest. The investment will be similar to that of SalesEdge, which is $7100 for a six-month program.

If you are interested in being a part of this new group dedicated to Sales Management, to form in early 2017, please send Victoria Downing an email at