New Roundtables Group Forming: Focus on Companies Building Architect-Lead Projects

By | February 18, 2016

Roundtables members, while they share the motivation, commitment and drive to push their companies to higher levels of success, come in many different organizational models.

Some member companies are Design-Build. Some focus on Insurance Restoration. Others concentrate on Kitchens & Baths. And some center their efforts on projects that were designed and brought to them by outside architects.

Each of these different business models are sprinkled throughout each of the Roundtables Groups.

At the 2015 Remodelers Summit in Dallas, those who focus on architect-designed projects all gathered to meet each other and talk shop during the conference. Needless to say, these business owners bonded quickly because they share the same challenges – challenges that are sometimes unique to their particular type of company.

After several hours of conversation, they decided they wanted more. So fifteen of these companies met informally in Charlotte, NC in January 2016 for a day of brainstorming, information sharing, and strategic business discussions. A portion of this meeting was hosted by long-time member, Scott Whitlock, president of Hubert Whitlock Builders. (Thanks, Scott!)

This, too, was such a hit that, at the request of the participants, we’ve created a special Roundtables Group just for this particular type of remodeling company. We expect this to be the first of several.

NOTE: This does NOT mean that every company that fits this model is choosing to move. There are several who wish to remain with their current group.

The new Exclusively-Build Roundtables Group will have their first formal meeting in October as part of the 2016 Fall Roundtables Event. A number of Members plan to move to this group come Fall. If one of these members is in your group, they’ll tell you about it at your upcoming Spring meeting.

We’re excited about the opportunity to create this one-of-a-kind Peer Group for this talented collection of members.