Ready-to-go Press Release for Summit Attendees! Shine Your Light into Your Community!

By | November 3, 2015

Send out this press release to build awareness in your community. Edit as you see fit and then send it to all local associations, news outlets and more.  Just cut and paste what you need to make your own customized Press Release!

Reprint this on your company letterhead, find the correct press contacts and send to as many local newspapers and publications as possible via email or snail mail. If your time is limited, send them to the smaller local newspapers and if possible assign someone to follow up by phone to answer any questions the editor might have. This will encourage the editors to notice it and give you a better chance of having something printed. If you have a professional photo, be sure to include it! Be sure to distribute via free digital distribution services like, and others.

Press Release
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Local Remodeler Attends National Industry Education Event

(Your city, State) — (Current Date) — (Your name, title) of (Your company name) recently attended the Annual Remodelers Summit in Addison, Texas, presented by Remodelers Advantage, a top industry educator and consulting firm.

With only 400 seats available, [your last name] was excited to be able to join other top remodelers from across the U.S. and Canada to sharpen business skills and become a stronger and even more stable business.

These business owners were given the opportunity to choose from dozens of workshops and seminars giving them the ability to focus exclusively on the areas that they needed to improve upon. This efficient format gave all attendees an unprecedented level of personalized education with the ultimate goal of becoming even better employers and providers of services than they were before.

“I am thrilled to have attended this year’s Remodelers Summit,” says (Your last name). “It was a powerful lineup of presenters providing cutting-edge insights into running a successful remodeling business. With this information, we’ll be able to deliver more value to our customers than ever before.”

Remodelers Advantage Inc, based in Laurel, Maryland, is a 30-year-old consulting firm with clients across the U.S. and Canada dedicated to helping remodelers improve their businesses, and enjoy the benefits of working smarter and more efficiently.

In addition to business coaching and profiling services, networking opportunities, and a full complement of books, CDs, and other business management resources, the firm offers an ever-expanding series of continuing education programs, including conferences, workshops, and seminars, as well as state-of-the-art business resources to help each client reach a higher level of success within their business.

Create Paragraph about Your Company — Example
(Your company name) is a (full-line or single line) (award-winning) remodeling firm that has been working with area homeowners since 19__. (Your last name) is an active member of (association affiliation) and has recently been awarded (fill in any awards). They are located at (fill in address). For more information on the services they offer call (your telephone number.)

Press Release Guidelines

1) At the top of the page, put your organization’s name and address, and the name and phone numbers (work and home) of a contact person.
2) Leave enough space in the margins so that the editor has room to edit or insert instructions.
3) Releases should be typed, double-spaced on one side only.
4) If the release runs more than one page, write “more” at the bottom of each page and put a short heading at the top of all pages except the first (e.g., “Oak Construction, page 2).
5) Do not break a paragraph or sentence at the end of a page. Each page might be given to a different editor.
6) Begin the release with a date or “For Immediate Release.”
7) End the release with “end”, “30″ or “###” (centered).