[awards] 2015 Spring Mentor 4 Roundtables™ MVP Spotlight – George Cleary, The Cleary Company

By | June 25, 2015

Voted MVP of the 2015 Spring

Mentor 4 Roundtables™ Peer Group

2015 Spring Mentor 4 MVP Pic

George Cleary

The Cleary Company

George Cleary is a member of one the most advanced RA Roundtables Peer Groups, Mentor 4. He’s been in the industry for 21 years, making his start flipping houses for a friend’s father while still in high school. He says he is constantly saying “I love what I do. I get to be part of making people’s quality of life better. How fun is that?”

When asked about receiving this award he says, I really work hard at being an RAR member, I make sure I get out of the organization everything that I can. The intimate roundtables meetings have formed us into the great little company we are. I make sure I am ready for the meeting, study up on my peer’s packets, write down any concerns for them in advance, participate in the meetings, give honest feedback, even when it’s hard. I am a firm believer in you get what you give. RA is my beacon in the night. Their process gives me the direction I need to lead my company to the levels I want to go. Without RA I would never be where I am, so to have received the MVP award at a Mentor level is one of the greatest business achievements I have ever made. This is a vote from my peers, my board of directors. In RA you can’t BS your way through it, you either know your stuff and walk the walk or not. I am honored to have received that vote of confidence from my peers and can’t thank them enough for their support and guidance.

Congratulations George!

RA Roundtables™ members vote for their Most Valuable Professional at each meeting. These are individuals who demonstrate the following qualities since the last meeting:

  • Most initiative
  • Best Company Focus packet
  • Most/Best ideas

And the Greatest overall contribution during the current meeting.


If you are interested in joining an RA Roundtables™ peer group please contact:
Joann Francavilla
Director of Business Development and Community Growth Engineer
Direct: 240.547.3941