[resource library] The Accounting Gap, Jackie Shaw of Get Organized! – Recorded Webinar

By | June 19, 2015

FTBL recorded webinar

The Accounting Gap: 
Who is ensuring your books tell an accurate story of your business?

Bookkeepers create data.  Tax preparers create tax returns and provide tax advice.  Who is ensuring the accuracy of your books?  Too often small business owners assume that the role is covered by the bookkeeper or their CPA.  This is normally not the case and years of inaccurate information lead to business decisions that are not best for business.

An overview of what it takes to:

  • Ensure the accuracy of your books
  • Cut down on your tax prep. bill
  • Exercise best practices for maintaining your financials

This all helps you make sound financial decisions on a monthly basis.

Jackie Shaw is the founder and principal consultant of Get Organized!. She is a proven educator, mentor, and business adviser whose professional background includes accounting, human resources, and administration. Jackie left her job as Controller and HR Manager at a Corvallis-based technology development company in October 2011 to focus on Get Organized!.

Jackie has been brought into the RA fold, and knows the RA business model. She is ready to work with you as needed, or on a continuing contractual basis. We did a trial run and RA members are already signing contracts.