[event] Becoming a Great Salesperson – Craig Deimler

By | January 20, 2015

Tuesdays beginning April 7, 2015 – Six 90 minutes sessions

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Increase Sales Success – Project by Project!

Demanded by salespeople across the country, this Strategic Action Group brings you together with a small group of your peers for a series of hard-hitting teleconferences. During these 90 minute calls, you’ll work with other experienced, remodeling salespeople to

  • Talk shop from generating the lead to the final close,
  • Share effective marketing tips to attract clients who understand value,
  • Develop strategies for increasing your close ratio,
  • Learn which strategies work to speed up the sales cycle,
  • Improve your success rate by working with the right clients, and sell more jobs!!

By working with other remodeling salespeople, you’ll gain dozens of techniques for increasing your success by leveraging the brainpower and years of selling experience provided by this group of sales professionals.This dynamic, one-of-a-kind SAG will be facilitated by Craig Deimler, owner of Deimler & Sons Construction, second generation remodeler, and a long-term member of Remodelers Advantage. With a company profitably producing over $2.5M annually, Craig understands what it takes to develop and manage a winning sales team.

One participant said “I just received a $ 400,000 job that is directly attributed to the process we are learning. Without this process it would have gone to competitive bid and been drawn out”

By participating in this Strategic Action Group, you’ll learn to:

  • WOW your prospects on your first visit.
  • Implement a successful qualifying process that will lead directly to the right clients.
  • Find the prospect’s real pain and providing them with the best solutions.
  • Balance the prospect’s needs with their budget.
  • Set real expectations at your first sales meeting.
  • Handle prospect’s objections and reversing the negative.
  • Create a successful hand-off between Sales and Production – why it’s critical to the success of the project.
  • Generate your own leads and managing them effectively.
  • How to build a powerful selling vocabulary.
  • Manage your career for the long-term success.
  • Use your time as productively as possible.
  • Create your sales cookbook.

Craig says,

“Our program is focused on changing the paradigm from order taker to professional salesperson.  We are shifting the thinking from ‘how do I get MY needs met’ to ‘how do I meet the needs of the client.  We are focusing on finding the right client for our company to make sure that every deal is win-win.“We are identifying typical objections and how to deal with them.  We look at the psychology of selling and buying and how that impacts the process.  We are working on relationship selling, listening skills, questioning skills, finding out the budget – even if the client tells you they don’t have one.  In short, we are teaching sales people to be professional and do what the amateur will not.”

By joining this Strategic Action Group, you’ll also insure that the learning will stick because it is so much more than a one-time sales seminar. Through the entire program, you’ll be sharing information with your peers who will reinforce what you’re doing right and help you improve your weakest areas. There’s nothing else like it!