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By | January 9, 2015

Remodeling Sales Training with Chip Doyle

The future looks bright . . . but the competition is also heating up! Our new program with Chip Doyle, a top Sandler Sales Trainer is exactly what the doctor ordered! The remodelers who are participating are seeing their eyes opened and their close ratios improving!  

Through weekly sessions, you’ll discuss your most challenging issues, share success stories, learn how to deal with exacting clients, and understand when to hold strong or push back.

“Just a quick update on my selling progress. I met with a couple in November they were looking for a kitchen remodel. Initial budget 60 to 70k. Using a technique I learned from you (Chip)  I asked them what if we come up with a really great plan and it costs more than your budget, would you want us to show it to you. Then I said nothing and waited for a response. After a long pause the lady said yes. After going back and forth for the past 6 weeks I got a commitment and down payment yesterday. Sale price was $137k.”

“I sold it at 1.55 mark up, followed Victoria’s advice there. Most of my recent jobs I’ve been selling at this mark up. This time last year my mark up was 1.33. I’m a lot more confident now.  Thank you so much, you’re the best.”

Patrick Finn
Patrick A. Finn Custom Homes

Interested in learning more? Take the first step by completing the Sales Skills Assessment. The results of this assessment will tell you which skills are strong and which need improvement. Chip will debrief you on the detailed results, allowing you to understand where to invest in training. Your investment: Only $400.

If, after the debriefing session, you and Chip feel that you would benefit from the RA Sales Training Group, the Assessment investment will be applied toward that program.

Ready to go? Click here to request that Chip set you up with the Sales Skills Assessment today.