Quick Books Quickies – Last Chance to Sign Up!

By | July 29, 2014


Quick Books Quickies classes by Judith Miller start in 2 short weeks!


The time is closing in to sign up for the Quick Books Quickies:

3 Sessions, each 1-1/2 hours
Tuesday, Aug 12, 19 & 26, 2014
11:30 AM – 1 PM Eastern Time

Do you need just a little help in one area of QuickBooks?
Are you a quick study who can apply what you learn in a class and figure out the rest?
Can you learn better in small bites rather than intensive weekly or bi-weekly sessions?

Remodelers Advantage QuickBooks guru and financial/job cost expert, Judith Miller, has put together a series of QuickBooks QUICKIES so that you can focus on what’s most important to your company RIGHT NOW!

Based on Judith Miller’s manual The Remodelers Ultimate Guide to QuickBooks, these individual 90 minute classes will cover everything you need to know to control these important areas.


Class #1 – August 12th – Labor Burden

Does your estimate labor rate match your QuickBooks labor rate? If not, your job costs are off and your WIP can easily be WRONG WRONG WRONG!
Learn the components of labor burden typically left out of job costs and how to apply them;
Calculate the average hourly labor rate applied to jobs and compare it to your estimated;
Discover the true labor cost per hour to be used in estimating going forward;
Compare actual HOURS as well as DOLLARS to estimated.


Class #2: August 19th – Project Management

Good Project Management is the heart of success for any remodeling company. Maintain control of your projects and your profits by utilizing the great project management functions in QuickBooks:
Develop an accurate estimate for both hard costs AND sales price;
Control trade contracts, long lead time items and allowances through simple and elegant Purchase Orders;
Track change orders to the original estimate for both hard costs AND sales price;
Memorize vital job cost reports to be used again and again, including job estimated HOURS to actual!


Class #3: August 26th – Work in Progress (WIP)

You know you need it, you know you want to understand it, but know you can’t seem to get right! An accurate WIP presents complexities which can confound even the smartest bookkeeper or controller.
Learn how WIP ties in to your financial statements;Understand the one critical rule for accurate postings;
Discover the one data cell which makes the journal entry accurate;
Learn how to check the accuracy of WIP from month to month.

 ** Pick one or pick them all! **

BONUS!!! Office hours will be held on Tuesday, Sept 9, 2014 to answer any questions.