Referring Out of State Family and Friends

By | July 23, 2014

Referring Out of State Family and Friends:

A Regular Occurrence:

A member calls headquarters wondering if we can refer a remodeler to help a favorite client who has a second home in a distant city, who is moving to another city, or who has a relative needing a great remodeler in another city! We look in our database, find a fellow member and forward contact info to the member requesting it and then he/she forwards to their client.


This is a fantastic benefit to all of our members as it means that more business is referred to remodelers who are in the community.


While this happens dozens of times each year, wouldn’t be nice if it happened hundreds of times? It probably would if it were easy to find reputable, professional, reliable companies quickly –like the members of Remodelers Advantage.  Now you can and it’s all free!


Mentor III Member, Todd Jackson, has created a fantastic tool that he is offering to the entire Remodelers Advantage Roundtables community at absolutely no charge.


Referring Out of State Family and Friends App:

With a simple addition to the Contact Us section of your website, you and/or your clients can access fellow Remodelers Advantage members in other cities through the interactive map as shown below. The copy at the top of the page reads:


After their positive experience with our company, clients often ask us for guidance to remodelers with similar standards of quality for their friends or family in other areas of the country. Because of our long-standing commitment to leadership in the remodeling industry, we have had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the finest remodelers nationwide.


The remodeling companies shown on this map are members of GuildQuality (an independent and objective customer service surveying company) and Remodelers Advantage (a peer group for remodeling business owners). We invite you to use this locator as a tool in the interview and selection process for a remodeler.


What’s In It For Me?

  1. You are able to offer another fantastic service to your client base, helping them realize that your company is even more of a valuable resource.
  2. You can feel comfortable that the members of Remodelers Advantage are typically more professional and knowledgeable than many remodelers in the industry. So the chances are much better that they will treat your clients and their referrals well.
  3. You will be helping another member of the Remodelers Advantage community and that’s what we’re all about – working together for the good of all.


How Does It Work?

Todd’s web specialist has prepared a small snippet of code that he will send along with instructions on how to install this neat new app on your website. You’ll pass this, along with instructions, to your webmaster who will set it up. Estimated time to install: 30 minutes. Once we are notified that the set up is complete on your end, your company information will be included on the map and will be accessible via the websites of all other participating members—and their clients.


To see this app in action, visit – go to Contact Us.


  • How do I get started?  Simply email Jennifer Pecina, Marketing Assistant, at, and you will receive a start up packet complete with downloading instructions and an information sheet.


  • Is there an application? There is no application required.


  • Who is eligible to participate? Only Remodelers Advantage and GuildQuality members in good standing are eligible.


  • Is there a fee?  There is no fee.


  • What if I don’t have a webmaster and need help implementing?  If you don’t have a webmaster and want some help getting up and running, just drop us an email at and we’ll connect you with our Digital Consultant.  Your investment: Only $50/30 mins.